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Aim, Ethos, Sustainability and more… our very first LIVEBUGS BLOG!

Welcome to our very first LIVEBUGS Blog post! We hope that you will find lots of information to help and interest you in our future Blog posts.

Today, we want to introduce you to what we want to achieve with our weekly LIVEBUGS Blogs as well as let you know about our company ethos, how we grow organic food and strive to be as sustainable as possible. We will also touch on how we support wildlife carers to ensure our sick and injured natives are well taken care of, particularly during and after natural disasters which are having a huge impact on our wildlife.

Photo of our property, 2021



We plan on doing a weekly LIVEBUGS Blog to disseminate information on topics such as:

  • Insects we breed, including Super Worms, Crickets and Wood Roaches

  • Caring for the health and well-being of insects

  • Guaranteeing the safe arrival of insects to you

  • Keeping your bugs alive and content when you receive them

  • Organic nurturing of the natural insect life cycle (Note: we use no hormones, pheromones or other chemicals)

  • Insect Frass as a fertiliser

  • and many more topics!

Feel free to ask questions and suggest topics for further LIVEBUGS Blog posts – we aim to keep this information relevant and hopefully thought provoking - stay tuned for a discussion about insects for human protein!

Visit us online at or contact us via email or on our Facebook Page

Photo: Super Worm Beetles, 2021


At LIVEBUGS we are 100% committed to our insects’ health and well-being. We strive to ensure that throughout an insect’s life it is treated with care and consideration using ‘Best Practice’ methods. Not only does this ensure that insects progress naturally through their life cycle, but also ensures you receive healthy, protein rich, top quality insects for your pets and the wildlife you care for.

We feed our insects top quality food and keep them in conditions which aid their natural life cycle. We do not use chemicals, growth hormones or pheromones. We feed our bugs a natural diet and are aiming to supply a lot of their feed from our property in the future.

Photo: View across our 13-acre property, 2021


It is not only our insects which we grow naturally. We also grow organic food on our property and use no pesticides or herbicides, favouring a natural approach to gardening. We have our own garden to supply food for family and friends, and grow a multitude of food including:

  • avocados

  • macadamias

  • pecans

  • bananas

  • citrus, including lemons, limes, oranges, mandarins, grapefruit

  • chilies – a huge variety from mild through to the extreme Reapers.

  • lychees

  • yellow mangosteens

  • grumichamas

  • dragon fruit

  • turmeric, ginger and galang galang

  • rosellas

  • mangos

  • paw paws

  • and a whole range of veggies including pumpkins, lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, spring onions, bok choi, pak choi, eggplant, sweet potato, leek… too many to name!

Our bugs love carrots, so we are trying to master how to grow carrots as well. There is always something to do! Finding sustainable ways to grow in sub-tropical Queensland is a rewarding challenge.

Photo: Scorpian and Birds-eye Chilies, just a couple of the types we grow! 2021


As a company, LIVEBUGS strives for greater sustainability. We…

  • Operate fully on solar power, generating our own power onsite.

  • Collect 100% of the water we use

  • Utilise NO chemicals in our business.

  • Have pledged to not only care for the 13-acre property, from which our business is run, but improve it into the future, by reducing weeds and planting natives indigenous to the area.

  • Actively recycle and aim for zero waste within our company and with the packaging we supply. We use organic packaging including calico bags, hand sewn on-site, old egg cartons and express post boxes. Once you have received your insects you can reuse the calico bag or compost it. The cardboard box can be recycled or composted.

  • Constantly seek to improve our day-to-day operations in a meaningful and purposeful way that immediately contributes to a positive impact.

We aim to leave the earth in a better state than it is today by actively doing our best to make a difference.

Photo: One of our banana bunches, almost ready for eating, 2021


To that end, LIVEBUGS supports wildlife carers in their endeavours with protecting and caring for wildlife, particularly those animals affected by human induced climate change. We are seeing more animals impacted by fires and flooding, and indeed we personally noticed a considerable influx of birds to our property during the fires at Coolum in 2019 despite being 30km away. We also share our property with a lot of wildlife including kangaroos, numbats, possums, scrub-turkeys, monitor lizards, green-tree frogs, green tree snakes, legless lizards, tawny frog mouths, owls, pigeons... actually, so many animals utilise the regrowth rainforest we are trying to protect, that we do not even know the extent of the biodiversity! Being in such close proximity with this abundance however makes us acutely aware of the need to further protect and look after this small piece of paradise as best we can while also helping others in their endeavours.

At LIVEBUGS we aim to support all wildlife carers by offering a discount on bugs to make it easier to feed birds, reptiles and animals in needs.

Please contact us if you are a wildlife carer to arrange ASAP delivery of insects at a discount.

You can contact us via email or on our FaceBook Page

Photo: One of our little wildlife friends who occasionally enjoys our Live Bugs, 2021


LIVEBUGS have been involved in growing, harvesting, supplying and R&D of insects and mini-beasts for over 15 years and can ensure healthy and nutritious bugs for your animals. A Queensland-based breeder, we send bugs Australia-wide, packing our insects fresh on the day they are dispatched to you. We have become experts at shipping live mini-beasts and insects over the last 15 years and guarantee their safe delivery or will re-send or refund your money. Please use our easy online ordering form or phone to discuss your needs.

Photo: Our Veggie Garden and planting seedling tunnel, 2021

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