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At LIVEBUGS we specialise in growing and supplying live insects as a high quality source of protein

for REPTILES, BIRDS, TURTLES, and other BUG-EATING animals. 

LIVEBUGS supplies insects including SUPER WORMS, MEAL WORMS, WOOD ROACHES, CRICKETS and SOLDIER FLY LARVAE to zoos, universities or individuals for their domestic pets.


LIVEBUGS have been involved in growing, harvesting, supplying and R&D of insects and mini-beasts for over 15 years and can ensure healthy and nutritious bugs for your animals.

A Queensland-based breeder, we send bugs Australia-wide, packing our insects fresh on the day they are dispatched to you. Please use our easy online ordering form or phone to discuss your needs.



Express post shipping included in prices.


We love our bugs, and strive to ensure that they are in top health and quality when they arrive at your door. We pack the bugs in safe and secure packaging with plenty of food and moisture so they are comfortable and untroubled during their journey to you. We send early in the week so the bugs do not get stuck in transit over the weekend and we keep an eye on the weather and will not post if too hot or extreme. Thus, we rarely if ever have mishaps during transit, but if for any reason your bugs do not arrive in good condition, we will be happy to refund or send you more bugs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!



0447 366 860

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At LIVEBUGS we care passionately about the ethical and humane treatment of animals and humans alike. We ensure that our bugs are given the best possible treatment, fed well, provided with suitable habitat and respected. Although these mini beast are a rich protein food source to look after other animals in the food chain, during their life with us, they do not want for anything.


At LIVEBUGS we understand the crisis our world is facing and are committed to leaving the planet better than we found it. To that end, we operate from a 13 acre property which we are continually improving with tree planting and weeding to preserve the regrowth rainforest for the diverse wildlife that cohabitate with us. We use no chemicals, operate fully on solar power and collect all our own water. 


Community is extremely important to us at LIVEBUGS. We support local businesses and are involved in local activities. We grow and share food, supply bugs to local animal rescue groups and understand how much community means in the context of today's global environment. We see the best come out in communities during times of crises as well as times of celebration, and actively work to foster positive community spirit.

They just arrived safe and sound, packaging was fantastic. Thanks mate.

J. Miller, South Australia

Having a sick bird to care for was made all the easier with LIVEBUGS springing to action to ship me some bugs ASAP. They arrived in fantastic condition and the service was incredible.

G. Smith, Tweed Heads

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